lab grown
A lab-grown diamond is equal in every way to one that was
created in the earth over thousands of years. A lab-grown diamond
is no less identical in physical makeup to a mined diamond than
a plant grown in a greenhouse compared to one grown in your
yard. The process may be different...but lab-grown diamonds are
identical in their physical makeup to those from the more
traditional method of production.

Lab-grown diamonds are not chemically synthesized. They are
crystalline forms of carbon that have the same physical, chemical
and optical properties as mined diamonds. And just like a mined
diamond, a lab-grown diamond is exposed to immense pressure
and heat in order to create a rough diamond. That rough diamond
is analyzed, marked, lasered, and then cut and polished using the
same techniques and equipment as a mined diamond.

Should Lab-Grown Diamonds Be Called Synthetic?

In its report issued in 2008, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
stated, "Laboratory-created gemstones are defined in the Jewelry
Guides as stones that possess essentially the same optical, physical,
and chemical properties as mined stones." The Guides also state
that the term “synthetic” is potentially confusing to consumers and
therefore determined that "laboratory-grown" would more clearly
communicate the nature of a stone as described in their report.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "synthetic" as, "a substance
made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural
product". Lab-grown diamonds are not chemically synthesized.
The carbon crystals from which lab-grown diamonds originate
have physical, chemical and optical properties identical to mined
diamonds. In other words...THEY'RE TRULY DIAMONDS . . .

But there are benefits of lab-grown diamonds you'll want to know

Great Value
On average, lab-grown white diamonds are priced at about 25%
less than mined diamonds. Now the retail customer is being given
more options and flexibility in their diamond shopping experience.

Eco-friendly and Conflict Free
Grown in a controlled environment, each diamond is produced
using modest amounts of energy and with very little overall
environmental impact. they are 100% origin-guaranteed and fully disclosed as lab-grown.

Rare Purity
All lab-grown white diamonds are Type IIa and are devoid of all
nitrogen, the chief impurity in mined diamonds.Yet, like mined
diamonds, all lab-grown diamonds are one-of-a-kind, no two alike.

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